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Our society has evolved so much with the technologies, providing the convenience to the user to perform their work in a smarter manner. Experts have really worked hard to provide the users with simple ways to access the functionality to the particular device. Even, we have developed this much but our common issue is still there which are not very much resolved by the technologies of our generation. Printers have so many issues but the most common and the prominent one is Printer Offline issue. Whether your Printer is a simple or a high tech one, this issue will remain be your problem.

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HP Printer Setup | Printer Offline

HP Printers are one of the most advanced Printer, capable of printing in various modes and qualities. These Printers are adaptable to work in any environment, whether you are making them work in cafes or local business these printers won’t disappoint you with their functionalities in any manner. These devices use expensive inkjets to fill up the blank papers with the sharp images using the Original HP cartridges. These devices consume less electricity as compared to other printers. HP Printers play a significant role in performing your work early and conveniently. These printers are the resources to copy and even scan the documents in a high-quality manner. HP printer is very high in speed which approximately prints up to the 19ppm letter at the prominent rate..

hp printer offline fix

Normally when any printer faces this type of issue, the screen on your computer is encountered with the dialogue box notifying you about the problem. This box notifies the user about the disconnectivity of the computer with the printer which can be due to various reasons.

Even the users of these high-quality printers face offline issues. Sometimes this issue just get disappeared by the reboot process. Users can also restart their printers when they face any type of problem like this. There are numerical reasons for these printers due to which users face these issues. Some are


  1. When the network cable that connects your printer and the computer is not attached properly.
  2. When the drivers in your printers gets corrupted through your system.
  3. Check the USB port is working or not, in which cable is attached which connects the computer with your device.

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Canon Printer Setup | Printer Offline

Canon Printers makes your heavy work to be tackled very conveniently. These devices make your everyday office work hassle-free and convenient. Experts of Canon customize these devices for the users to easy to use and get the access to every functionality with simplicity. Canon printers are best to use for the image quality purposes. These printers even face the technicality issue while connecting to the computer. Canon Printer Offline is a status in which your printer is not connected with your computer due to some issue. The issue can be anything, but whatever it is, it does not allow your desktop to communicate with the PC. Any command given to the computer by the user regarding the printer won’t be able to fulfill, as the printer is not connected with your PC. The instruction which is delivered by the user, easily get to the PC but not to the Printer due to the miscommunication problem.

canon printer offline fix

How to get the Printer back to online?

Most of the issues are simple and easy to resolve. The user just has to perform the simple process in order to bring the Printer back to the online status. If the printer is not online, it won’t be able to perform any operation that the user is delivering. This communication gap leads to dis-functionality of your printer. In order to remove this common issue, our experts have resolved this problem by giving some guidelines.

Here are some common methods which might resolve your problems

  1. Reconnect the USB cable that is connecting your computer to the Printer which might resolve the problem when your computer is not connected with the Printer.
  2. Reboot your Printer by holding the power button for almost 20 seconds which cause the LED to blink almost 17 times. This method might solve the issue if there is some software issue on your printer.
  3. Reinstall the drivers of your Canon Printer with the help of the CD that is provided by the experts along with your Canon Printer. Sometimes, the drivers of your Printer might get corrupted with the virus in your system which cause stops the working of the drivers in your Printers and in some case also might eliminate them. In this case, you have to perform this process in order to regain the functionality of your printers.
  4. Reinstall your Canon Printer, Sometimes the offline issue might also be resolved by the reinstalling your Printer. To perform this process, you have to first uninstall your device and then again install it from your system.

To perform the uninstallation, go to the “devices and the printers”  on the control panel. There will be the list of the connected device, go to the bar icon of the printer and right click on it. It will give the option to uninstall your device, uninstall it by clicking on the uninstall button. Let the uninstall process to finish.

Now reinstall your printer but first make sure that your printer is connected or not or also that it is turned on or not.

These are the steps to install the printer.

  • Turn on your computer and open up the settings of your computer.
  • Click on “Change PC settings and then open PC and devices.
  • Now select “devices” and click “add a device” then just select the model of your printer to install it.
  • Go on with the installation process and do not interrupt it while installing.

Epson Printer Setup | Printer Offline

Epson Printers provides the excellent performance for your home as well as for the Business Process. Discover the high performance of these devices in cafes or small offices. Epson Printers are successfully evolved to increase the productivity at the same time decreasing the cost of the prints. These technologies, with their Point of Sale technology deliver the robust speed in printing both sharp texts as well as in image printing..

epson printer offline fix

Sometimes your system shows the dialogue box notifying you about the disconnection of Printer with the system. These Printers are the smarter way to bring the high yield printing even with the low costs. Epson Printers bring the high functionality into your printing system with the ability to work in any environment. In case your printer gets offline, the box will appear on the screen notifying you about the disconnection of the Printers with the laptops.

Brother Printer Setup | Printer Offline

Brother Printers have their wide variety of printers introduced in the market. They are convenient and reliable products delivering their efficient utilization to the customers. These Printers have their effective Prices but still, these devices deserved that much sophistication to make the user purchase this device. In case if you are using these printers at an affordable price then its the best you can printer offline fix


How to perform the printing operation on Brother Printer even while it is offline?

There are rare cases when Brother Printer gets offline due to any reason. But still if it does gets offline, then you can still work on these Printers. These Printers are adaptable to even operate while it's offline. An individual has to adjust his printer settings in order to make it operable in offline mode. Windows 7 is customized with the inbuilt feature to toggle the Offline mode which might resolve the notifications that come while Printer is offline. However, even if doesn’t resolve this problem, you might have to change the basic settings to restore the normal functionality of your Printer.

Wireless Printer Offline

Here are some steps to connect to the Printer even when it's offline

  1. Click on the “Start” button located on the left corner of the bottom of your screen.
  2. Go to Device and Printers
  3. Locate the bar icon of your Brother Printer and click on “see what’s Printing”.
  4. Click on the “Printer” button located at the top of the window.
  5. Look for the blue mark “Use Printer Offline”, if it does exist Click “Use Printer Offline” to enable the offline mode. Your documents will get start printing even after the offline mode.

How to add a printer with your Wi-Fi?

add printer manually


These are the major steps which should be used to add the printer with Wireless network.

  • Turn on the wireless printer. Use the touchscreen, to press the right key on your wireless printer and press setup.
  • Select the Network from the setup menu.
  • Click on the Wireless setup wizard from the Network menu, it is going to search for the available Wi-Fi within the range.
  • Select your Network Name from the SSID field.
  • Enter the WPA/WEP Passphrase for the network and press done.
  • Press OK to apply the settings

Your Printer will get successfully added to the Wi-Fi list and get easy access to the network.


How to install the Printer?

install printer offline

Basically setup process is usually the same for every printer. These are the guidelines to help you to go through the setup process of the Printer.

  1. Add paper to the tray and install the cartridges.
  2. Run the installation CD of the Printer and go through with the setup application which will initially install the drivers of your Printers.
  3. Connect the computer to the Printer with the USB cable and turn your printer on.
  4. Go to start option on your desktop and then “Devices and Printers”. For MAC, go the “System Preferences” and select “Print and Fax”
  5.  Print a sample page, Right click on the bar icon of the Printer and go to “Properties” and then click “Print Test Page” button.
  6. If all goes well your test page will be printed and your printer will set up.